Dave Modl

Dave Modl

Visualization Systems Scientist

Los Alamos Visual Analytics

Dave left Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) after nearly 15 years as a Scientific Staff Member to join Steve Smith with Los Alamos Visual Analytics. Dave came to LANL in 1993 as a Graduate Research Assistant to work with the Computer Division's C-8 Visualization Team and support UNM's Khorus Visual programming system under development at that time. When Dave completed his MSEE from UNM in 1996 he was asked to join the team as a Staff Member and began working on ASCI Visualization projects that included evaluating Tera-scale Visualization and analysis software available at that time.

Dave holds a BS degree in Computer Engineering from the University of New Mexico and the MSEE degree mentioned above with a thesis completed in spatialized audio systems.

During his nearly 15 years Dave worked on projects at LANL in Computer Graphics, Scientific Visualization, Virtual Reality, Information Visualization, Immersive Systems, multi-headed graphics console KVM extension control systems for SGI and Linux cluster graphics systems.

Dave started his computer career in the the United States Air Force in 1976. Dave was trained in computer repair and basic electronics theory and troubleshooting. Dave had an unique experience to be able to work on tube-based comuter systems designed in the 1950s and were still in use in the late 1970s. The upshot is - those tube-based systems 'broke' all the time and he was able to get his hands on the systems often.

Later in his Air Force career, Dave was trained in computer programming techniques and used these new skills at Kirtland AFB's Air Force Weapons Laboratory from 1983-86 working with the late Bob Conley's Computer Graphics Team.

While at Los Alamos, Dave also pursued a variety of side interests including theater arts at Los Alamos Little Theatre (LALT) where he performed on stage, produced, directed, built sets, designed lights and sound staging for various shows and even worked with pyrotechnics for one show (smoke flash). Dave was also involved in the LALT management serving on the board of directors and was the board president from 2000-2002. Dave continues to manage the Los Alamos County's Open Volleyball night held each Wednesday night in the winter months. Dave is a USSSA sanctioned umpire and is currently the Los Alamos Softball League's Umpire In-charge (UIC).

Dave's publications include
La Cueva Grande: a 43-Megapixel Immersive System,
UC Davis SC2005 presentation,
IEEE Publication,
EDT presentation,
LANL Work,

Los Alamos Visual Analytics ( L A V A )